September 26, 2023
Apple Watch saved its owner’s life by detecting a dangerous tumor

Apple Watch saved its owner’s life by detecting a dangerous tumor

Apple Watch saved its owner’s life ;This is the second time that Apple Watch has been able to save the lives of its owners with the help of its health features.

According to a recently published report, this smart watch was able to identify a rare tumor with the help of features related to heart health.

The use of new features in smart phones and watches is not only for entertainment and increasing efficiency, but in some cases it can save human lives.

Many smart watch manufacturers use Heart Rate technology, which is very useful. Apple also uses this technology in most of its smart watches.

But in the past, examples have been seen that this capability has saved the lives of a number of people.


Heart health features of Apple Watch

With the help of its health capabilities, Apple’s smart watch was able to detect a rare tumor and save its user’s life.

This report, published by CBS News;

says that a 67old woman named Kim Durkee, who used an Apple smartwatch, was repeatedly warned by the watch that it was causing problems with atrial contraction.

After he went to the hospital, it was found that the cause of these warnings was the existence of an unknown and aggressive tumor.

According to this woman, the Apple Watch had sent warnings to her two nights in a row.

At first, he thought that this warning was caused by a problem in the Apple device. In this regard, he says:

In the warning on the third night, the numbers had changed and increased, that’s why I went to the emergency room despite having no problems and decided to throw away my watch.

After going to the emergency room, it was found that this woman had an atrial contraction at the time of Apple’s warnings, and the reason for that was the presence of the same tumor.

After that, the doctors confirmed that his heartbeat was irregular. With its rapid growth, this rare tumor can stop the blood flow of the heart and eventually cause a stroke.

The important point was the absence of any other symptoms in this person. Apple’s smart watch was also able to correctly recognize the only existing sign and save this person’s life from certain death.


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