July 18, 2024
DALL-E artificial intelligence can expand the frame of the images

DALL-E artificial intelligence can expand the frame of the images

Open AI artificial intelligence announced a new feature in DALL-E artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence can expand its content using the original image.

According to Magentabyte:

Outpainting feature in DALL-E artificial intelligence can expand the image frame.

so that it will create new content with the help of the initial content style.

DALL-E text-to-image conversion artificial intelligence has attracted many attentions with its unique features.
The new feature has surprised users again.
In the example of a famous image of a girl with a pearl earring, this feature is clear.
This artificial intelligence can continue the content outside the portrait frame.
This system is able to imitate the painter’s style well by receiving little information from the original image.
In the published video of this background painting capability is expanded by this system.

DALL-E artificial intelligence

After the introduction of this feature, many users used it and created different works.
Open AI knows how to use Outpainting in the big market ahead.

DALL-E AI model is curren

DALL-E’s artificial intelligence expands on the original photo by modeling it.

Many users have created various creations with the Outpainting feature.
They have developed different works to see what this artificial intelligence can do.

tly in beta phase. About a million users are using it on a trial basis.
Currently, making 50 images in the first month and 15 images in the second month is free.

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