July 18, 2024
Wi-Fi 7 speed reached 5 Gbps; 5 times faster than the previous generation
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Wi-Fi 7 speed reached 5 Gbps; 5 times faster than the previous generation

In the Wi-Fi 7 technology demo conducted by Intel and Broadcom, Wi-Fi 7 speed reached 5 Gbps. The speed is almost 5 times faster than most existing routers.

Intel and Broadcom have shown off a demo of the technology that looks stunning ahead of a likely 2023 certification for Wi-Fi 7. In this demo, the speed of this technology reaches 5 Gbps. That’s five times faster than Wi-Fi 6 and 2.5 times faster than Wi-Fi 6E.

This test, which was conducted between an Intel laptop and a Broadcom access point, showed what potential this system could have. It should be said that Wi-Fi 7 is still under development and even higher speeds can be expected with it.

Wi-Fi 7 supports new technologies

While Wi-Fi 6 and 6E have yet to gain a foothold in the market, companies continue to develop the next generation of this technology.
Intel and Broadcom expect Wi-Fi 7 speed reached 5 Gbps, making it suitable for AR and VR technology.
Because it has lower latency and can support multiple high-resolution video streams in one network.
This standard also benefits gamers, as they can be freed from more network bottlenecks.

Wi-Fi 7 speed reached 5 Gbps

Wi-Fi 7 speed reached 5 Gbps

Wi-Fi 7 is likely to be approved in mid-2023. In the second half of next year, we can expect the first products equipped with this technology to enter the market. It is expected that high-end products will benefit from this technology at first. Fortunately, Wi-Fi 7 products will be compatible with past communication standards.

in the end: Although the Wi-Fi 7 demo has been promising so far, we will have to wait to see how successful the actual launch will be. If this technology is applied to limited products like Wi-Fi 6E, it may fail easily.

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