April 20, 2024
Sleep health control with Xiaomi smart pillow

Sleep health control with Xiaomi smart pillow

The Xiaomi brand, which is active in the field of health-oriented products, unveiled the Xiaomi MIJIA smart pillow. MIJIA can accurately measure your heart rate and monitor your body movements, breathing and snoring during sleep through its physio-electric sensor.

Comfortable sleeping experience with Xiaomi smart pillow

Xiaomi’s new smart pillow uses its own artificial intelligence algorithm for monitoring capabilities. The physioelectric sensor is placed in the center of the pillow so that it does not disturb the sleep of the person.
The physioelectric sensor provides complete information regarding the state of sleep and the duration of deep sleep and scores the quality of a person’s sleep.

Xiaomi smart pillow

This pillow can be connected to other Xiaomi ecosystem devices via Bluetooth. Xiaomi has guaranteed that this pillow will always bring a restful sleep cycle to the user. The energy needed for this pillow is provided by 4 AAA batteries, which will last for 60 days.

These 4 AAA batteries transmit DC current with low voltage to the pillow; So you don’t have to worry about safety. Xiaomi offers MIJIA smart pillow in two sizes of 10 and 12 cm. In the design of the pillow, the principles of ergonomics have been observed so that the least pressure is transferred to the person during sleep.

Whatever model you want to sleep, MIJIA pillow guarantees your comfort. In fact, this product is designed so that the muscles relax naturally and the person experiences a peaceful sleep. The pillowcase is also combined with antibacterial materials that will maintain up to 90% of their effectiveness even after 20 washes.

The pillowcase of this product is made of materials that are both soft and prevent damage to the skin. Xiaomi’s smart pillow was launched at a price of 37 dollars in the fund raising campaign, and after that it will be 43 dollars. Currently, no information has been released regarding the global release of this product.

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