June 23, 2024
Google and Oxford researchers: artificial intelligence will soon destroy humanity

Google and Oxford researchers: artificial intelligence will soon destroy humanity

Artificial intelligence has expanded in recent years, and new research by Google and Oxford suggests that artificial intelligence will soon destroy humanity.

Oxford University and Google researchers have achieved frightening results in their joint research on artificial intelligence. The mentioned research article points out that artificial intelligence will advance beyond imagination and rule the earth in the not so distant future. The result of this rule will lead to the destruction of the human race.

Artificial intelligence is a wonderful phenomenon in the age of technology. It speeds up many tasks and is considered a part of the significant development of the technology world. This technology has solved complex problems several times. It is used by programmers in various processes. But this technology will not always be useful and its advanced development will one day cost the human race.

Predictions about the end of the human race by artificial intelligence will come true one day

destruction of the human race by artificial intelligence

The studies of Access University and Google together have reached unfortunate results. AI agents can evolve and evolve based on a set of conditions and changes.
The researchers in this paper claim to create the conditions that are considered. Also, they claim that because of these special conditions, they have reached a conclusion close to reality. They have considered artificial intelligence not as a possibility, but as a possibility.

AI threats can vary by how it is built, trained, and programmed. Therefore, there are many possibilities and ways that a type of this intelligence will be designed in a malicious way and ultimately cause the destruction of humanity. Covering and erasing the problem will not help to solve the problem. Even if the development of such intelligence is prevented, the day will eventually come when one of the types of artificial intelligence that we deal with every day will conquer the earth.

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