April 20, 2024
Microsoft’s Audio Dock was introduced

Microsoft’s Audio Dock was introduced

The new version of Microsoft's audio dock

The new version of Microsoft’s audio dock was introduced. Microsoft introduced a new audio dock called Audio Dock at its Surface 2022 event. This new product was designed on the company’s Teams platform. The new dock uses internal speakers.

This product is actually a combination of audio dock, speaker and USB hub. Microsoft’s audio dock is used to participate in meetings and play music.

This device is also equipped with a USB C port. Among the highlights of this hub are the built-in Omnisonic speakers (15W woofer, 5W tweeter, and side-firing radiators) that, according to Microsoft, deliver premium room-filling deep bass and sound. This setup is similar to the HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 which had a Bang & Olufsen conferencing module.

Microsoft's audio dock

Microsoft’s Audio Dock offers a button to access Teams, which can be used to join meetings on the said platform. This device also has two front-facing microphones and supports noise cancellation.
In addition, there is a mute button and a status light on this speaker. The back of the Microsoft audio dock has four ports: two USB C based on the USB 3.1 standard and an HDMI input and charging port. The Microsoft dock has the ability to connect to two monitors.

Microsoft's audio dock

Microsoft has also introduced the Presenter + tool. Presenter+ is used in popular social apps; Of course, it is originally designed with a focus on the Teams platform. This product, like Microsoft’s audio dock, offers a dedicated button to participate in Teams meetings.

Presenter +

In addition, by long pressing this button, you can raise or lower your hand in sessions. This tool provides controls for moving between slides and the pointer on the screen, etc. Microsoft’s new Audio Dock and Presenter+ will be available soon through the official Microsoft Store and Best Buy.

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