April 20, 2024
Twitter Coins; What is the purpose of generating twitter coins?
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Twitter Coins; What is the purpose of generating twitter coins?

Twitter Coins

Twitter’s Coins helps a lot to increase Twitter’s income. Twitter is considering using its Doroncoins.
Elon Musk is desperately looking for a way to increase Twitter’s revenue. Twitter Coins is Musk’s latest idea that may soon be implemented.

These coins allow users to support content producers of their choice. Of course, there is currently no complete plan for the use of these coins. So we have to wait and see what Elon Musk will do about this.

Twitter Coins

Elon Musk has a new plan for Twitter that provides the possibility of earning money through this social platform. Two researchers have shared screenshots that show Twitter is testing its own in-app cryptocurrency called Coin. This currency helps content creators earn money through the Musk-owned social platform.

Jin Manchun Wang and Nima Oji are two application researchers who shared images of Twitter’s new functionality in recent days. The two researchers’ posts show that Coins is actually a feature developed based on Twitter’s current tipping feature. Twitter Coins allow users to support content creators of their choice. An image Oji shared in December showed a new section called Coins.

According to Engjet, it is currently unclear exactly what Twitter’s plans for domestic coins are and when they will be publicly available. Leaked screenshots show that Twitter plans to feature coins prominently on its platform.

Twitter Coins

In addition to sponsoring content creators, Twitter Coins are also used to purchase gifts. Users can purchase gifts for as little as 1 to 5,000 coins. It’s unclear exactly how much each Twitter in-app coin will be worth.

Elon Musk hasn’t talked publicly about Twitter coins or rewards so far. But it tends to offer more ways to reward content creators. He says that the development of new ways to earn money for content producers is underway.

Of course, it is worth noting that the Coins feature on Twitter seems to have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. Augie pointed out that TwitterCoin is still in the development stage and there is not even a proof that we can consider it as a member of the family of cryptocurrencies, and for this reason, users should be careful not to be deceived by scammers.

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