May 24, 2024
Development of WalletBot robot to launch Telegram digital currency exchange!
Digital currency

Development of WalletBot robot to launch Telegram digital currency exchange!

Telegram digital currency exchange

The developers of WalletBot launched Telegram digital currency exchange in the form of a robot. Using this robot, users are able to buy and sell digital currencies. The WalletBot robot enables the purchase of digital currencies with a bank card and the exchange and transfer of digital currency.

Telegram digital currency exchange robot

Telegram digital currency exchange
The developers introduced Wallet Bot in April. Telegram users can purchase TON token by using Wallet Bot and send it to each other in Telegram messages.

Telegram digital currency exchange is offered as anonymous P2P transactions. For users who want to sell digital currencies in the Wallet robot, they have to pay a commission equivalent to 0.9%. Users must share their mobile phone number with the robot in order to deposit, exchange or buy the desired digital currency.

The new update of WalletBot makes it possible to sell cryptocurrencies on Telegram. If there is no agreement between the seller and the buyer, Telegram digital currency exchange service will resolve the dispute.

Currencies supported by WalletBot

WalletBot users can purchase cryptocurrencies from BYN, UAH, EUR, USD and KZT currencies.

Telegram digital currency exchange users must send announcements in the program to sell their tokens. Buyers search and select the ad they want in the list of announcements.

Telegram buyers have access to TON Coin (TON) and Bitcoin (BTC), but only TON can be transferred via chat.

WalletBot is designed for casual users. Wallet Bot users only need basic knowledge of blockchain.

TON blockchain
Telegram users can send their desired digital currency to their friends with a short nickname and without a long wallet address. In WalletBot, it is possible to pay for the subscription of the Telegram channel that users like, as well as many other services.

The TON blockchain was originally founded by the Durov brothers, the founders of the Telegram messenger. Founded by Anatoliy Makosov and Kirill Emelyanenko, TON Foundation is a decentralized community. The main goal of TON is to integrate blockchain technology with the traditional Internet. To advance this concept, TON has created a dedicated ecosystem of DNS, sites and proxies.

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